The ideal business laptop to ace work-from-home: HP ProBook x360

The impact of COVID19 is insurmountable. The invisible virus has brought life to a halt & the ‘new normal’ has been introduced- and we all have been adjusting to the norms of work-from-home. It goes without saying that the disease has brought an unprecedented impact on professionals and businesses. Given the situation at hand, we need to prioritize how to get the basics of ‘work-from-home’ right. The idea is to know how to work from home efficiently, smartly and have zero loss in productivity. First and foremost, you need to get a strong internet connection with low latency. The second aspect that needs to be taken care of is getting yourself a laptop that gets the job done. On this front, the HP ProBook x360 shines like no other, mainly due to three main factors – it delivers power when asked for; it provides impenetrable security and finally, it is built with robust materials for extended durability.

Designed for the working professionals and as well as business owners, the HP ProBook x360 is an ideal computer as it can accommodate the growing business demands. Its versatile 360° design adapts to the way you work. Let’s delve deeper into what makes the HP ProBook x360 an ideal workhorse.

Convertible Design for Versatility – Adding versatility to the traditional form of laptop, this ultra-slim HP ProBook x360 435 adapts to your everyday needs. Primarily, there are four user modes that enable you to create, present, and collaborate in a comfortable way. You can open the laptop in the traditional clamshell form; you can also flip, fold, and work any way you want with a 360° hinge that adapts to your needs.

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Performance & Productivity – To get you through your deadline-driven, multitasking day, the HP ProBook x360 stands up for every heavy-duty task thrown at it. The ProBook uses the latest AMD Ryzen™ quad-, six-, even eight-core processors that is renowned in the industry for its outstanding performance. For increased graphics performance, the laptop has integrated AMD Radeon™ Graphics. Together, the CPU & the GPU can help you streamline your work in the most efficient manner. To keep things running as smoothly as possible, the laptop has dual RAM slots with 16 GB DDR4-3200 SDRAM. For storage, the ProBook is poised with the latest generation SSDs ranging from 128Gb to 1TB. Without any doubt, the SSDs increase the load up time making the laptop faster to help your work done quickly.

When it comes to battery life, the HP ProBook x360 is optimized power design with AMD Ryzen™ 4000 series processors, built on power-sipping 7nm technology. With this laptop, you can easily work all day without having to run for the cable often. HP claims that the battery on the ProBook x360 can run up to 17 hours and 15 minutes.

Built for Business with Security – Working from and running a business can be a tough task, but to make sure you sail smoothly in these rough currents, the HP ProBook x360 can provide you with the best level of security. A growing business requires commercial-grade security features & the HP ProBook is built with security and privacy from the BIOS up. Below are a few security features that will give you peace of mind while working from home on this laptop:

●HP SURE START for AMD:- The firmware attacks can completely devastate a PC. To make sure you stay protected, the ProBook x360 comes with self-healing BIOS that automatically recover from attacks or corruption without IT or user intervention.

●HP SURE SENSE:- The traditional antivirus doesn’t necessarily recognize newer forms of attack. To avoid this, the HP Sure Sense harnesses the power of deep learning AI to identify and quarantine never-before-seen attacks, helping prevent infections before they happen

●HP SURE CLICK:- With hardware-enforced security from HP Sure Click, you can now easily browse websites, read-only Microsoft® Office and PDF attachments without having to worry about any malware, ransomware, and viruses.

●HP PRIVACY CAMERA:- Never wonder if someone is watching you with the added peace of mind that comes from the built-in HP Privacy Camera with an integrated physical shutter to protect from malicious surveillance

●HP SURE VIEW Gen:- Instantly block prying eyes’ ability to view your screen with optional HP Sure View Gen3 that reduces visual light when the screen is viewed from the side making it appear dark and unreadable.

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Durability for an extended usage – The laptop is built with anodized aluminium lid. The 3D forged 1-piece aluminium keyboard deck is robust in a way that when you type on it, it will not flex from the centre as many laptops do. In fact, the laptop has been designed to pass MIL-STD 810G certification which means that the laptop has gone through a series of 29 tests, including shock tests, vibration tests, and more. In principle, it should be field-ready, or even “combat ready”.

A host of features:

World facing – Camera captures the world around you with an optional dual-camera system with a second camera in the keyboard, perfect for taking photos and videos in tablet mode.

HP Pro Pen – Naturally annotate, draw, and take notes on-screen with an authentic experience that feels like a real pen.

Connectivity: The ProBook is flexible and fast for wireless connectivity with the Intel® Wi-Fi and HP Extended Range Wireless LAN1

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With so much to offer, the HP ProBook x360 fits the workhorse bill perfectly. The laptop is ideal for you to carry out your business from home without having to worry about any cyber attacks. To know more about the laptop, click here. In conclusion, the HP ProBook is a power and feature-packed laptop that has the potential to be your best work buddy and ensure that all your business tasks are taken care of, in time and in turn, make both you and your business unstoppable.

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The ideal business laptop to ace work-from-home: HP ProBook x360 The ideal business laptop to ace work-from-home: HP ProBook x360 Reviewed by TechCO on 8/28/2020 Rating: 5

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