The Five Best Harley Davidson Golf Carts We Could Find

Harley Davidson Golf Carts

Harley Davidson may be the top gun when it comes to motorcycles, but they also happen to be one of the leading manufacturers of golf carts. The company introduced its first line of golf carts back in 1963, a classic three-wheeler that got the job done. In 1970, the company introduced the first four-wheeler golf carts to the world.  These days, people buy golf carts for various reasons—whether it’s to cruise around the neighborhood or traditionally just traverse across the golf course. No matter what your reason may be for wanting a golf cart, getting a Harley Davidson will be the best way to go. Here are the 5 best Harley Davidson golf carts we could find.

1. Harley Davidson AMC Black and Silver Gas Golf Cart

Harley Davidson AMC Black and Silver Gas Golf Cart

When AMC bought the Harley Davidson golf cart line in 1969, they decided to not to change the name on the golf carts. This was a smart move on AMC’s part considering the pull that the Harley Davidson brand already had. This particular golf cart is a stunning piece of classic machinery. It’s a restoration of a three-wheeled Harley golf cart that runs on gasoline. The golf cart features two seats and a utility space for stowing away your golf clubs or anything else you might want to carry around. This 1976 golf cart has a modern look with mainly black and silver designs. It’s in incredible shape with the new upgrades, which includes new batteries, new tires, a new reed valve, new brakes, new spark plugs, and a few others. It’s a steal for the price of $736.

2. 1969 Harley Davidson 3-Wheel Electric Golf Cart Detroit Autorama

1969 Harley Davidson 3-Wheel Electric Golf Cart Detroit Autorama

If vintage is what you’re looking for, this 1969 Harley Davidson golf cart is as good as it gets. With all the restoration, the cart looks practically brand new. This particular golf cart was awarded 2ndplace in the 2019 Annual Detroit Autorama Hot Rod Show. Professionals did all the restoration work on this golf cart. It even features Harley Davidson’s original Burgundy Metallic color in combination with a brilliant Atomic Orange paint. The custom seating on this cart will rival any automobile interior out there. With two seats and a sizeable storage in the back, you and a friend could ride around in style. With all the custom work on this Harley golf cart, it’s priced at a reasonable price of $4,300. The owner will only sell it for local pick up, but you get an extra gift if you make the effort. With the purchase of this golf cart, you get the 2019 Detroit Autorama trophy to go along with it. This cart is a definite prizewinner, and there’s nothing else like it out there.

3. 1978 AMF Harley Davidson Golf Cart

1978 AMF Harley Davidson Golf Cart

When you’ve got a vehicle that’s restored beyond mint condition, you know that you have to be ready to pay the price. This 1978 AMF Harley Davidson Golf Cart is available to own for $18,500. It’s a complete and stunning restoration of a classic, and you won’t find anything else like it out there. The golf cart is a three-wheel vehicle with sharper lines and a vintage vibe. It features three seats—two in the front and a medium bench in the back. The cart is painted in a lighter pewter shade with white accents on the custom seats. The Harley Davidson emblem can be located in a few spots including the front bumper, on the front bench, and on the seats. The crisscross stitching on the leather seats along with the black trimming adds dimension to the overall design. It’s both stylish and useful, and it’s the kind of golf cart that will never go out of style. Even though it doesn’t offer a lot of utility space, it offers enough comfort to make it worthwhile.

4. 2015 Harley Davidson Sportster Rt 1200

2015 Harley Davidson Sportster Rt 1200

If vintage is not your style, you can totally go modern with the Harley Davidson Sportster Rt 1200. You can think of this golf cart more like a small truck. It’s got a considerable amount of space and seating for up to four people, and it’s got a ruggedness that only comes with custom work. The golf cart has a simple yet beautiful black and white design. It looks classy and elegant but sporty at the same time. The overhead cover will protect you from the sun while you cruise around the golf course or your neighborhood. This Sportster Rt is a newly restored 2006 model.

This golf cart is exactly the kind of vehicle that will last awhile as long as it’s taken care of properly. Many components of the golf cart have been replaced including the tires and the seats. You can also see the Harley Davidson emblems on the front and sides of the cart.

5. 1971 Harley Davidson Barrett-Jackson Golf Cart

1971 Harley Davidson Barrett-Jackson Golf Cart

This golf cart may look simple at first glance, but the restoration work for this project took over 1,000 hours to finish. The front bench with custom seating folds up to reveal the engine—a 2-stroke air-cooled single with electric starter. This engine is completely rebuilt. Although it makes quite some noise when on, the golf cart easy enough on the eyes for onlookers. The chrome hub covers complement the black and orange design on the cart. The custom upholstery carries the Harley Davidson emblem, and it’s about the only print you can find throughout the clean design. There’s plenty of storage space on the back of the golf cart to stow away all your belongings. This 1971 Harley Davidson golf cart is a classic restoration that you won’t find anywhere else.

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