The 10 Best Pontoon Boat Trailers Available Today

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Are you in need of a replacement or a new trailer for your pontoon boat? If so, there are a few things that you need to know before you make your final decision. It’s vital to find the right trailer for your boat and one that will safely carry your boat across the major roads and interstates as well as through off-road situations. There are a few considerations to make as you’re browsing through the many choices that are available. Quality, durability, size, and performance are at the top. We’ve done our homework and carefully analyzed each to arrive at a list of the best 10 pontoon boat trailers available today.

10. Pontoon Trailers Scissor Lift Pontoon Trailer

This pontoon trailer is a scissor lift style that features a cantilever center lift design. The style is the easiest for launching in shallow waters. The most notable features of this pontoon boat tailer include the high reliability of the lighting system. The wiring is fully grounded and all of the plug wiring is concealed for extra protection from damage. The single axle system is designed to provide a quiet operation because of the use of nylon bushings. The wheel bearings are easy to maintain because of the Sure Lube Wheel Bearing Grease system. The safety cables coil so you can store them out of the way when they’re not needed. The trailer is black powder coated for a durable and attractive finish and the tongue jack is included with the trailer.

9. Karavan Single Axle Aluminum Pontoon Trailer

Karavan is a brand that is respected for its durability and highly functional deigns. This trailer is ideal for smaller pontoons that measure up to 18 feet long. The single axle design makes turning a breeze. Sway Control Engineering is a patented adjustable axle system that allows for optimal tongue weight. It is made of attractive and durable aluminum. It is also compatible with Tritoon boats with the Tritoon Kit that can be purchased separately. You can access your pontoon with ease on the winch stand ladder. Nylon bushings are used in the spring axle for less noise while driving. The lighting system is fully grounded with all plug wiring hidden and protected. The Sure Lube Wheel Bearing Grease system makes maintenance fast and easy. The safety cables are coated and self coiling for easy storage when not in use. The tongue and disc brakes are optional with this model.

8. Karavan Tandem Axle Large Pontoon Trailer

This is a trailer that is designed for larger pontoon boats measuring up to 25 feet in length. The multiple axles are suitable for long distance travel with a greater degree of safety. You have your choice of galvanized or powder coated finishes, which are both designed for durability. The smart lighting system keeps the wires hidden from view and protected with easy to attach plugs, and the wheels are easy to maintain with the Sure Lube Wheel Bearing Grease system. It’s constructed of welded tubular frame with adjustable axle. This trailer is tritoon kit compatible. It comes with a winch stand ladder for easy pontoon access, and nylon bushings for a quieter ride. The tongue jack is included and you can opt for low maintenance disc brakes.

7. Load Rite P-Series Pontoon Trailer

The P-Series Pontoon Trailer is available is a Tri-Axle, Single, or Tandem. This pontoon trailer is made of materials that are highly resistant to corrosion. The trailers are adjustable and can be ordered in sizes that fit all types of pontoon boats from small to large. The frame is made of galvanized steel and a galvanized torsion axle suspension for extreme durability and a smoother and more quiet ride. The trailers are equipped with disc brakes that are self-adjusting and self-cleaning. The trailer is also equipped with standard LED lighting, carpeted bunks, a winch stand, slip-resistant steps and a safety handrails. It also comes with a tongue jack.

6. Mid-America Bunk Style Pontoon Boat Trailer

The Mid-America Bunk Style pontoon trailer is available in single axle that fit boats between 14 and 20 feet in length with up to a 68 ft beam. It is also available in a tandem axle in sizes that fits pontoon boats between 20 and 26 feet. These trailers are available in standard models and in economy models with more basic front boarding ladder with pegs. The non-economy models come with steps and inner side guides. Other features include a tongue jack, full railing, and 13 inch tires.

5. Triton Scissors-Style Pontoon Trailer

This trailer is available in a 16-1R single axle for smaller pontoon boats and also in a tandem axle. The trailers are available in a variety of sizes for boats from 16 feet or smaller in length to 26 feet in length. An upgrade is optional to the R series that features sealed beam lighting system that contains no splices, side roller guides, a roller tongue jack and adjustable bow stops.

4. Venture Galvanized Single Axle Pontoon Trailer

Venture’s Galvanized single axle pontoon trailer features galvanized wheels with 20.5 x 8 x 10 LRD 5 H Eco Trail Galvanized 5-4.5 bolt circle upgrade available. You can also upgrade to 10 inch tires. The lighting system is LED throughout the complete trailer and it comes with a dual wheel tongue jack and tandem axle brakes.

3. Venture Pontoon Trailer Tandem Axle VPT 24-40

This is venture’s premium tandem axle pontoon trailer with brakes. This premium trailer is available with galvanized wheels, and tandem axle brakes. It is made with stainless steel hardware and it comes with a dual wheel tongue jack. It’s designed for strength, reliability and durability. Venture is a reasonably priced brand that offers basic trailers that can be upgraded upon request.

2. Wolverine Trailers All Pro 24 Bunk Style Pontoon Boat Tailer

This is a premium pontoon boat tailer that features an extra durable 5 x 2 frame made of galvanized steel. It is a tandem axle with a winch, and an extra-large ladder with a handrail for easy access to the pontoon boat. It is available in 2 x 6 vinyl covered bunks that are 8 ft in length. The wheels are galvanized and it comes with radial tires and an LED lighting system for road safety and compliance.

1. WFB Float-On Trailer

The WFB Float on Trailer makes it easier than ever to launch your pontoon boat into shallow water with little effort. The axle measures 84 inches with a wide track for enhanced road stability and safety. The 2 x 4s are carpeted for maximum protection of your pontoon boat and it is completely adjustable to fit mot pontoon boats. This trailer is highly rated and it is available in 13 different models including single, tandem, and triple axle. You can also choose between surge, disc, or electric takes as well as those that are tritoon kit compatible.

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