SquadCam, filling the gap between WhatsApp and Instagram, is a fully Indian made social media platform with global ambitions

It all started with the dream of creating a B2C platform in India which will have users from across the world. The idea was not to replicate an existing social media app, but to identify the need which is still unaddressed. Thus having a huge potential for a new social media platform.

SquadCam which was released on 25th July 2020, is a fully made in India social media app. It is positioned between WhatsApp and Instagram social media platforms. Even though SquadCam has many features of WhatsApp and Instagram in it, the focus is on enhancing the interaction between friends and family by giving innovative utility and fun features in that space.

With Indian ecosystem favouring the growth of made in India platforms, team SquadCam is expecting huge user base growth in the coming year. The initial focus will be on Indian market and other major global markets.


‘Our first goal is to grow bigger than WhatsApp and Instagram in India’ Alen Abraham, CEO SquadCam


A study related to the amount of media that people share online, sheds light on the fact that the number of photos and videos people share in private circles is 400 times more than that of the media they share on any public social media platforms. SquadCam team wanted to capitalize on the possibility of bringing in more utility and fun features to this area. All major social media platforms are focusing on public sharing. Only chat apps are currently operating in private sharing space with their limited features.

SquadCam brings in features like automatic non-compressed photo sharing, cloud storage, auto-call feature and private story sharing, to cater to this space.

But the most exciting fact that the team here at SquadCam is looking forward to, is the massive support and sudden positive change in the Indian user sentiments towards made in India social media platforms. This was not the case just a year ago. Thanks to the ‘Aatmanirbhar’ push by our respected Prime Minister and decisions to ban made in China applications. Opportunities have increased manifold. The awareness regarding data security is also high now according to the team.



SquadCam’s secret sauce is its technology team and ‘always strive for innovation’ culture. In social media space, considering the players, the quality of the product needs to be nothing less than exceptional. At the same time, the product must be rich in its features and offerings. The response time to come up with new features is very short. While innovation requires a lot of trial and error, it is a continuous challenge to quicken the development cycle time. The team needs to take into consideration a lot of factors including security, performance, cost, quickness and more. It is nothing but passion and commitment along with talent and teamwork which is helping the team achieve its goals. This goes to show that India as a country is filled with exceptionally talented and passionate individuals.


SquadCam’s founding team, Alen Abraham, Jankar Rajpara & Hiren Kanani, have been working in the social media space for over 4 years now. The team received an initial investment from Nirav Patel, an Ahmedabad based entrepreneur, for their POC (proof of concept) and vision.

Their initial days were tough, with a goal to develop a product and make a mark in the social media application space was not only unthinkable, but at the same time involved high risk. Gujarat University based incubation centre, GUSEC, played a critical supporting role for SquadCam since the initial days. The team believes that it is natural to face challenges and hurdles along the way when you have larger than normal dream.


SquadCam is available now on Android PlayStore and will soon be launched in AppStore as well.

Download SquadCam: https://app.squadcam.app/download

SquadCam allows its users to access camera and chat features on its launch page. As per the team, a unique feature in the application that they would like its users to use is their different sharing options. The chat feature along with its varied sharing features is a direct advantage of SquadCam over any other chat applications. This design concept is unique and has much more potential advantages as per the team.



  • Capture, edit and share Original Quality Non-Compressed photos with friends and groups

  • Free Cloud Storage for photos & videos stored in albums

  • Chat with friends and groups/gangs

  • Share One-Time View, Replay and Private Stories in Chats

  • Call friends and groups

  • Share Stories with Followers

  • View trending stories, stories from following people

Innovative features

  • App identifies user’s friends with AI-based face identification

  • Automatic call initiation feature when friends are available

  • Followers and private areas segregation

  • Integrated board games


Although innovation is a tough job, execution is vital. Starting from the drawing board and reaching the final implementation, the road is filed with uncertainties. But visualizing and then creating a new feature that is accepted and appreciated by the users makes it all worth it as per the team. SquadCam’s AI-based face identification technology and the Auto-call feature are one step ahead of any technology which we have experienced so far.

‘Our AI based face identification is built in-house and works like magic’ Jankar Rajpara, CTO SquadCam

Sometimes innovation takes the easy and efficient route. It can be achieved by reusing the existing technologies and making necessary tweaks to come up with something better. Integrating chat feature in the camera screen is one such feature offered by SquadCam.

Go -To-Market

The go-to-market strategy which the marketing team is currently implementing is based on a simple theory of engaging people or collaboration. Spreading ideas in the current world is easy and quick. The marketing team is letting the right people know about the platform and how it will add value to them and their interactions with friends and family.

Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/squadcam_app/?hl=en

SquadCam is proud to develop the entire application right from scratch, fully made in India. They are not shying away from letting people know this as well. After all, it is a moment of pride for the team.

As per the team, a well-designed product makes up for half the marketing. Thus, when one user gets excited about the product, it sure will encourage a lot many others to experience the product. Once when the engine starts moving, the duty of the team is merely to keep the tracks clean and hurdle free so as to give their users a smooth ride.

AceSquad Community

AceSquad community managed by SquadCam team is a community of social media enthusiasts. A new platform is an opportunity for social media enthusiasts to start early and grow big in that platform. Understanding this requirement, the team created ‘AceSquad’, helping its members grow and prosper on SquadCam app.

Link to join AceSquad Community: https://squadcam.app/acesquad

The members can surely expect more than just getting follower on SquadCam platform, as per the community management team.


SquadCam is the first social media product from the company. But this is just the beginning. There are more products in the pipeline. And the interesting fact is that all of them are unique and new concepts. A lot of effort has been put in by the team to identify new areas and their respective market potential.

SquadCam team believes that social media space is still evolving and there will be many more products that will hit the market soon. Each year, numerous internet and smartphone users are joining the market, media sharing is increasing exponentially as internet speed available across the globe is improving. 5G technology will change the way we use internet and social media all over again.

India will have a big role to play in the B2C internet space. With huge potential user base and better internet access, India will change from just being a user-base country to a product innovator country. SquadCam is one such company that is working tirelessly towards shaping up and contributing that Indian dream.

‘We want to be a global social media company, the first of its kind from India’ Alen Abraham, CEO SquadCam

To know more: https://squadcam.app/

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Disclaimer: Content Produced by SquadCam

SquadCam, filling the gap between WhatsApp and Instagram, is a fully Indian made social media platform with global ambitions SquadCam, filling the gap between WhatsApp and Instagram, is a fully Indian made social media platform with global ambitions Reviewed by TechCO on 8/30/2020 Rating: 5

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