Biggest India opportunity lies at the bottom of the pyramid: Google’s Karan Bajwa

If you want your business to be big, Google Cloud India’s Managing Director, Karan Bajwa, wants you to target the segment that offers the biggest opportunity for companies – customers at the bottom of the pyramid.

“India is primarily an SMB Country. Yes, everyone wants to be in the top 500, but look at the customer pyramid, India is not one part. The real India starts when you hit the bottom of the pyramid and not many technology companies have so far been able to service the needs of that section, and that offers the biggest India opportunity,” Bajwa said at the recently held TiE-Delhi NCR’s, India Internet day 2020 event.

Illustrating the growing momentum of tech adoption among SMBs after the pandemic, Bajwa highlights that during the last six months, Google India has witnessed unprecedented tech adoption among Indian SMBs across sectors.

“Everyone has a different vantage point and a reason to do it. I fundamentally believe Indian SMBs are hungrier in terms of technology adoption than traditional large enterprises, and they have no legacy to bank upon. Look at the scale of payment adoption, 1.4 billion digital payments on the UPI alone in July alone – that tells us about the transformation’s scale. In the last 20 years, we have created a $200 billion IT services business in this country.”

In fueling the growth of SMBs in India, Bajwa also went on to highlight the rapid rise of the SaaS companies in India. “Today, India has the perfect infrastructure and environment for product-led innovations, just as it had for services led innovations before,” Bajwa said, adding that given the performance of the Indian SaaS players in recent times, the country could emerge as the SaaS capital of the world.

Covid will certainly accelerate the growth of the SaaS market in India, as every company in India is embracing digitisation at an unprecedented level, he added.

However, the Google India representative also pointed out that Indian customers do seek a very high ROI value.

“India will always be a different market when it comes to the value we want to drive, simply because the denominator is very large. All technology companies have to understand that we cannot take the global economic model and apply to India,” Bajwa said.

Biggest India opportunity lies at the bottom of the pyramid: Google’s Karan Bajwa Biggest India opportunity lies at the bottom of the pyramid: Google’s Karan Bajwa Reviewed by TechCO on 8/10/2020 Rating: 5

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