A Closer Look at The SunChaser Geneva 22 LR PSB

2020 Sunchaser Geneva

With the heat of summer gripping much of the nation it’s only natural to turn to the water as a source of cooler recreation. Sunchaser has produced its 2020 edition of the SunChaser Geneva 11 LR PSB. If you’re in the market for a new pontoon that delivers on comfort and spaciousness for recreational water activities then here are 10 things that you need to know about the latest Geneva.

1. It’s designed for convenience

This pontoon boat supplies ample room for a party of four to stretch out in the sun to catch some rays on its massive loungers. To the rear of the craft there is a boarding ladder for quick access to the water and then back on the boat. It’s ideal for those who enjoy swimming, water skiing, snorkeling or other water sports.

2. The Sunchaser Geneva 22 has plenty of room for a party

The maximum capacity of the Geneva 22 LR PSB is 11 persons. This gives you plenty of room for entertaining on the water or for sponsoring a group fishing trip. The craft measures 22 feet and 10 inches in length. It can hold up to 2,175 pounds of weight easily.

3. It can go the distance

The fuel capacity of the Geneva 22 is 30 gallons in the tank. This gives you plenty of cruising distance for making hauls from one side of the harbor to the other and back. It’s a great short excursion craft. You can water ski or fish all day on a full tank of petrol.

4. There are lots of options available

Upon ordering, you can specify whether you want the more bare bones edition with the four large loungers, or you can add your own features upon request. SunChaser offers optional floor/carpet, tubes, ski, canvas, a stereo, tables, seating various electrical and steering upgrades, seating, and more.

5. The 2020 SunChaser Geneva 22 LR PSB is a versatile pontoon boat

The layout of this pontoon boat is incredibly versatile. It can be outfitted to suit your family needs for whatever kind of water activities you enjoy. It can be used as a dinner cruiser for taking friends and family out on the lake, or for making short runs in between islets. The open concept when you don’t apply the optional canvas makes it a great choice for sightseeing. It’s also ideal for sandbar rafting and more.

6. The SunChaser Geneva 22 LR PSB is powerful

This craft is equipped with a midrange Yamaha F115 engine. Although there are higher performance engines available, this helps to keep the price lower. The power plant takes the craft from zero to 30 mph in a mere 6 seconds which is comparable to many of the bigger boats. You get the best fuel economy when you’re cruising at 16 mph with an average of 3.6 mpg. The top speed of the Geneva 22 is 29.5 mph. You can enjoy hours of boating fun on a full tank of fuel.

7. It’s upgradeable

If you feel the need for more power and speed, there is an upgrade option available. Upon ordering you can request the top of the line engine that gives you an extra 150 horsepower. This will give you extra pulling power if you’re towing skiers or water boarders. It also raises the top speed from the upper 20s to the high 30 mph range. This feature is more expensive but it is an option that is available.

8. It runs quietly

Some engines are so loud that you can’t talk to the person next to you until you cut the engine. This isn’t the case with the Yamaha engine chosen for the Geneva 22 LR PSB. The loudest recorded range for the engine at its full throttle is 83 decibels. When running it at cruising speeds the noise output by the engine is only 68 decibels. This is about the same loudness as an average conversation without raised voices. You’ll be able to hear what’s going on around you as well as chat with the person next to you thanks to the quiet operation of the engine.

9. The optional helm package is a nice upgrade

The Geneva has an optional Executive Helm Package. This is an upgrade that adds a variety of different comfort features to the craft. Included is a high back helm chair with reclining and sliding functions. A raised helm platform is also a part of the deal. It also includes a Kicker stereo system for your entertainment, and a tilt Verona steering wheel. To keep the wind at bay, the executive package also comes with a low Lexan windscreen, and a gauge package with electronic units displayed in an analog style. You can also opt for the PTS Performance Package that includes three 25-inch tubes with a below deck shield and performance lifting strakes for the hull. As a part of the standard fare you can fit for along the portside lounge and an additional three persons in the starboard lounge. There is a perimeter fence that closes off the stern deck with a door in the center for access. The deck is large with a tube ski pylon and a stainless steel boarding ladder. There is a couch that is located portside that is reversible and can be converted into a lounger. For meals, snacks, and other tasks there is a foldout table on the portside and when the table is closed, there is storage behind it.

10. It’s surprisingly affordable

The SunChaser Geneva 22 LR PSB is a pontoon boat that offers a range of features and available layouts. It’s a spacious craft that is versatile for multiple different uses. When purchased with the 115 horsepower Yamaha outboard engine, the cost is just under $50,000. This makes it an exceptional value for the cost.

A Closer Look at The SunChaser Geneva 22 LR PSB A Closer Look at The SunChaser Geneva 22 LR PSB Reviewed by TechCO on 8/02/2020 Rating: 5

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