A Closer Look at The Mercedes Beast Mode 4×4

Mercedes Beast Mode 4x4

Today, more than ever, van life has become more of a norm than the exception. The high price of rent and utility payments has been the main motivator for such a lifestyle. Not only that, but the current climate, where people have either lost their homes or are in danger of losing their homes to the pandemic, has caused an increase in van living. While using a standard camper is fine for most people, those who are in it for the long haul often prefer to used vans that have been modified into overlander vehicles, and once such van is the Mercedes Beast Mode 4×4 by Storyteller Overland. These fans are tough, hardy, come outfitted with all terrain tires and an interior and exterior built to handle the elements. One of the best overlander vehicles you can get is the Mercedes Beast Mode 4×4 by Storyteller Overland.

1. Mercedes Beast Mode 4×4 is an Overland Van

The Mercedes Beast Mode 4×4 is used as an overlanding van. If you’re not familiar with the term, overlanding  refers to the act of exploring chosen locations with just you and your trusty vehicle, be it a van, truck, car or motorcycle. In other words, instead of taking a cruise or jetting off to a far away location, overlanders pack up their favorite travel vehicle and simply hit the road. The Mercedes Beast Mode 4×4 van is designed by Storyteller Overland in such a way as to help make the driver and passengers as self-reliant as possible, which is crucial for long trips.

2. The Mercedes Beast Mode 4×4 is Based on a Mercedes Sprinter Van 4×4

Van living is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reasons. Van living frees people from paying high rents and utility bills, while allowing them to travel long distances. Here, Storyteller Overland decided to use the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van 4×4 as the base. This van has a powerful 3 liter, V6 Turbo Diesel engine with a 7 speed transmission, and has a 5000 pound towing capacity, with a 500 pound maximum tongue weight. It’s a 4×4, All Wheel Drive vehicle with an electronic traction system all running on a 24.5 gallon diesel fuel tank. In short, this van has everything any overlander could want as a base for an upfitd, and it’s from this base build that the Mercedes Beast Mode Overland van arises.

3. The Mercedes Beast Mode 4×4 is Upfitted by Storyteller Overland

If you’re new to the whole overlanding experience, you might be a bit confused as how a Mercedes 4×4 fits into the picture. This is accomplished by the act of upfitting. Upfitting means taking a vehicle, such as the Mercedes 4×4 and tricking it out in such a way that it makes the travelers self-sufficient. There are several outfits like Storyteller Overland that specialize in tricking out vans. However, the Mercedes Beast Mode 4×4 by Storyteller Overland is known as one of the best, if not the best in the country. Each van is upfitted using the exact same floor plan, and includes such amenities such as dimmable LED ceiling lights, ceiling exhaust fan, USB ports, power outlets, swing arm dinette table, 103 cubic feet of cargo space known as the Garage Area, among others.

4. GrooveLounge 2-Seater, Convertible Sofa Bed

Want to just kick back and watch the ocean, or simply enjoy a movie on your laptop? If so, the GrooveLounge is here for you. Situated right behind the comfortable, swiveling driver and passenger seats is what many consider the ‘living room’ of the Mercedes Beast Mode 4×4 Storyteller Overland. There you’ll find the GrooveLounge, a relaxing seat that folds out into a secondary bed when needed. Behind the GrooveLounge, you have two windows complete with bug screens that provide you with plenty of fresh air.

5. There’s a Complete Galley

The galley is located along with the GrooveLounge, behind the driver and passenger seats. First, you get a dual voltage refrigerator/freezer to keep your food and drinks cold. Above the refrigerator door, are the controls for lighting, as well as your awnings, and an outlet for appliances sits on the side. Above the stainless steel sink with flip up faucet, you get a portable Bluetooth speaker. Next to the sink, you’ll find a 1500 Watt induction stovetop and three drawers. Above, you also get a 700 Watt stainless steel microwave for your favorite, quick, tasty snacks. To enjoy your meal, know that there is an exterior, fold down table.

Mercedes Beast Mode 4x4 4

6. The Volta System Takes You Off the Grid

When it comes to running it all, and keeping your activity off the grid, it all comes down to the Volta System. The Volta System’s muscle is provided by a 12 kilowatt, lithium battery. Depending on your usage, you can live off grid using just the Volta System to power your needs, for up to 5 days. Again, that depends on what you’re running on the system. The more you plug into it, the shorter the time, and vice versa. To control the Volta system, as well as your other systems, such as air conditioning, hot water, furnace and water system monitor, look towards the control panel located above the GrooveLounge..

7. Time to Sleep…

After learning of all the extensive features so far for your Mercedes Beast Mode 4×4 you’re probably wondering where you sleep! Well, that’s a simple question to answer. The sleeping quarters are located behind the living area. On both sides above the bed, are two large, padded storage units. You’ll also find the air conditioning unit in the sleeping area. If you’re wondering if you’re too tall for the bed, no worries. Storyteller Overland installed bump outs on each side of the van. These bump outs give you the extra space needed for the bed, so you can indeed, stretch out. Finally, know that the bed actually folds up and out of the way if you need to use your Mercedes Beast Mode 4×4 for hauling items.

8. The Versatile FlexSpace Area

By now, you’re probably wondering about the toilet and shower area, and that’s where the FlexSpace comes in. First, FlexSpace serves as a convenient way to step up into the bed. But, that’s not all it does. it actually converts to your bathroom, which includes both shower and portable toilet. The compartment above the FlexSpace holds all the Halo Shower System equipment, such as hose and curtain, which conveniently drops down.

9. Beast MODE Features

The Mercedes Beast Mode 4×4 Storyteller Overland Van comes with special features and packages all its own, and it’s these additions which make the Mercedes Beast Mode 4×4 a stand out among competing overland vans. If we start with the packages, here’s what you’ll get: The Agile Ride Improvement Package, KC Highlights Extreme Lighting Package, Beast Mode Custom Graphics Package and Full Interior Storage Solutions Package. Other features that single the Mercedes Beast Mode 4×4 out from the crowd include a Hella Super Tone Horn kit, No Rub Fender kit, Boost MODE M-Power Extender System, hood spoiler and rear door accessory mount.

10. Driver Assistance Technology

Since the Base is a Mercedes build, you absolutely know you’re in for some hot tech in the cab, or drivers area, and believe me you won’t be disappointed. First off, you get Mercedes very own MBUX Multi-media system, which includes a large, 10.25 inch touchscreen display. Other tech advances include Active brake, distance and land keeping assist, a rain sensor, intelligent navigation, smart phone connectivity, heated swivel driver and passenger seats, plus a Parkin Package complete with 360 degree cams.

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