A Closer Look at The G-Shock GWF-A1000

G-Shock GWF-A1000

Fans of Casio’s rugged G-Shock series will be delighted to know that there is a new model joining the lineup. They’ve produced a new diver’s watch that is built as solidly and shock resistant as its siblings. To bring you up to speed on the latest timepiece, here are 10 things that you didn’t know about the G-Shock GWF-A1000.

1. It’s a part of the Frog Man Series of Master of G ISO collection

The first thing that you notice is the Frog Man branding across the front part of the watch. It’s also printed on the case back where you can find more useful specifications. This indicates that it’s made to take on a challenge in wet environments. It has a water-resistance rating of up to 200 meters. It’s suitable for wear when swimming, snorkeling or diving.

2. It’s compatible with your smartphone

The new G-Shock GWF-A1000 for 2020 operates through a Bluetooth system that is always connected. The settings of the watch may be configured on your smart phone or by using the watch button operations. The G-Shock Connected app may be downloaded to your phone so you can link it with the timepiece.

3. It offers precision global tide information

It doesn’t matter where you’re at in the world, as long as you’re connected, you can choose from about 3,000 locations throughout the world to view the tide information that is available for the area you’re in. This makes it an excellent choice for divers as well as for sport or commercial fishing as well as for recreational boaters and water enthusiasts. You’ll know when the tide is coming in and when it’s going out for more efficient planning of your sports and recreational activities.

4. The 2020 G-Shock GWF-A1000 is a diving tool

This watch is a useful tool for divers that provides needed information for diving safety. It provides dive time measurement in an analog style reading. In addition to this, it also provides a display of diving log records if you have them stored on your phone. This is thanks to the link provided by the app for syncing your watch to your phone. You can easily access and manage measurement data in a more efficient way.

5. It’s the latest iteration of the G-Shock

The G-Shock watch just keeps improving with the passage of time. The original G-Shock Frog Man Series was released in 1993. Each year Casio has made improvements and added new useful features. It’s maintained the same face design and iconic aesthetic but the features and functions have continued to evolve.

6. The legibility is superior

Divers will appreciate the fact that this watch is easy to read in all types of lighting conditions. When diving, visibility becomes more difficult in the lower depths as the light only penetrates through the water so far. The GWF-A1000 Frog Man is designed with a large white handset that stands out nicely against the dark dial. The contrast makes it very easy to read at a glance. The analog readouts are illuminated through a bright LED backlight that can be read in all types of lighting environments from dark to bright sunlight.

7. The case is ultra-strong

The GWF-A1000 Frog Man has a generous sized dial to accommodate all of the functions useful for divers. The case is stout and it’s made to resist the pressures that are endured at a depth of 200 meters. The case design features a single piece construction. This is one difference from its predecessor the GWF-D1000. The material is a brand new introduction of carbon monocoque material with the addition of a metal ring in black. The diameter of the case measures 56.7 mm x 53.3 mm with a depth of 19.7 mm. This is a large watch most suitable for divers with larger wrists, however, the new one piece design and new materials have lightened the weight by 22 grams over the previous iteration.

8. The GWF-A1000 marks a new chapter in innovation

For the first time in the history of the G-Shock Frog Man Series, Casio introduced a crown on the right side of the case for the GWF-A1000. The rationale for this departure is to enable “more intuitive handling” by going analog. The tide graph, dive time, and world time functions are displayed with analog hands and they are operated via the crown.

9. The diving functions are enhanced

One of the features that has been improved specifically for divers is the addition of a depth gauge. This is a triple sensor type that displays diving depths in increments of 10 cm. It’s a useful function that was created by the engineers who sought advisement of marine rescue professionals about how to proceed with the development of this function for the optimal functionality. It’s made to provide information that was provided by diver computers yet in a miniaturized form that could be worn on the wrist during a dive. This elevates the new GWF-A1000 to the status of the most highly functional divers’ watch within the Casio Frog Man Series collection. This isn’t the first time that the technology has been used by the brand but it has been enhanced to provide even more useful information for divers.

10. Other useful information

This watch is powered by a Tough Solar Multi-Band 6 atomic timekeeping caliber with Bluetooth mobile connectivity. The functions include hours, minutes, seconds, stopwatch, tide graph, and world time. It checks and realigns dive log up to 30 dives, and realigns hands automatically. The watch is currently available through Casio and through authorized vendors and retailers. Casio has kept the price at a reasonable level when you consider all of the useful features that it offers. The manufacturer’s suggested retail selling price for the GWF-A1000 is set at $800. This is a regular production watch with no limitations on production numbers.

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