How Swae Lee Achieved a Net Worth of $9 Million

Swae Lee

Swae Lee is probably most known for his 2018 collaboration with Post Malone on the song “Sunflower,” which was featured on the animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse. While that song may have popularized Swae Lee’s name for the general public, the artist has been creating waves in the music community long before that. Since being active since 2008, Swae Lee has managed to amass a net worth of $9 million, and we’re going to take a look at exactly how he managed to do that within his career span.

Personal life

Born on June 7, 1993 in Inglewood, California, Swae Lee was named Khalif Malik Ibn Shaman Brown. His single mother ended up leaving California and moved to Mississippi before finally settling down in Fort Hood, Texas. Swae Lee is half of the hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd, the other half of which is his brother Aaquil Ibin Shaman Brown—also known as Slim Jxmmi. Rae Sremmurd (or Ear Drummers spelled backwards) signed a record deal in 2013, and they are known for hits such as “Black Beatles.” The brothers began writing and practicing music at an early age, honing a style that’s unique to their voices and sound. After leaving Texas during the middle school years, the brothers moved back to Mississippi along with their mother to live with their stepfather.

Music and work

According to this article from thefader.com, Swae Lee started producing music as early as 10 years old using the digital audio workstation Fruity Loops. It’s the beginning to a musical style that still defines his work to this day. Rae Sremmurd’s music has always been associated with brightness and positive vibes—and that’s not a bad thing to stand out by in a pool of monotonous styles and subject matter in the hip-hop industry.

The success of the duo paved the way for Swae Lee’s eventual net worth, but it wasn’t all their grind work that made it all happen. The brothers are well known for their incredible work ethic and grit when it comes to the studio. Even when they were just starting out, the brothers took every empty hour and poured it into developing their music. By 2010, Party Animals was released, giving the group some traction and clout in the local community. They played at festivals and managed to get their music onto the local radio stations. They worked part-time jobs and saved up as much as possible so that they could explore more opportunities for their music. Their small high school group managed to save up enough money to audition and qualify for BET’s 106 & Park Wild Out Wednesday segment in Tennessee. They finished 2ndin that competition and was given an opportunity to sit with executives from both Def Jam Recordings and Sony Music. However, they ended up not signing any record deals.

Fast forward to 2013, Swae Lee and his brother first got signed as Rae Sremmurd under the label, Mike Made It. From that point on, the brothers continued to create and produce chart-topping music, releasing single after single. Much of Swae Lee’s net worth comes from the music he’s made as Rae Sremmurd—from singles to albums. He’s also done numerous performances including major awards shows and concerts. They’ve also been nominated for several awards.

Solo career

By 2016, the Brown brothers began to work on separate projects while still collaborating on albums together. Just like his brother, Swae Lee began to work on a solo album, releasing his first one—Swaecation—in 2016. He continued to produce music, receiving mainly positive reviews for his work. By 2020, Swae Lee has been featured on over 30 songs, released several non-album and promotional singles, and has been featured artist on over 10 singles. That doesn’t take into account the music he made under Rae Sremmurd either.

Perhaps his best-selling hit would be Sunflower, as it was also part of a film soundtrack. The success of the film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, is reflected also on the success of Swae Lee’s song. He’s recently released another hit, Reality Check, and he’s also got a few upcoming projects. According to Uproxx.com, Swae Lee’s music will yet again be featured in another film to be released in 2021, the upcoming SpongeBob Movie.

Other ventures

Apart from being a talented singer, rapper, and artist, Swae Lee can also be credited as a songwriter. He’s credited for writing Beyonce’s song, Formation. He also wrote Nicki Minaj’s Black Barbies in 2016 along with fellow writers. He’s also made money as a music producer, producing a couple of titiles including Gucci Mane’s and Kanye West’s Pussy Print from 2016. His songs have made it into a total of 15 soundtracks, for various films, television shows, documentaries, and video game projects. Swae Lee has also been credited as an actor in a total of 13 music video shorts, and he even has one directing credit.


Swae Lee’s talents are clearly limitless, and he’s got a wide future still ahead of him. With a net worth of $9 million, you can easily say that Swae Lee can be set for life. Although not much is known of his spending habits, this article states that Swae Lee purchased a Los Angeles suburb home in 2019 for $3.5 million. We don’t know what else Swae Lee spends his money on, but we know he’s enjoying every drop of his hard-earned money. Swae Lee is known to be full of jovial energy and sunny vibes, and that can only be said of people who enjoy what they create and value what they offer the world. He’s the kind of artist that never stops working and creating, but Swae Lee definitely balances it all out by enjoying the fruits of his labor.

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