Google To Remove User Data Around 18 Months

Google gathers data from users with a view to understanding both their desires and preferences. It includes items like history of venue, specifics of surfing, videos viewed on YouTube etc.

But this is just the bright side we are looking at, and not the questions about security and privacy being posed.

On 25 June, Google revealed a shift in its approach to data processing of user behavior, which would see it auto-delete user data by default after 18 months.

Starting June 25th, the first time you turn on Location History, which is off by default-your default auto-delete option is set to 18 months. Auto-delete Web & App operation would also move to 18 months for new accounts.

It ensures that your activity data will be removed automatically and continuously after 18 months, rather than stored until you want to remove it. You can always turn off those settings or change the option to auto-delete.

Last year, Google introduced auto-delete controls that give users the option of having Google automatically and continuously delete location history, search, voice and activity data from YouTube after 3 months or 18 months. Google has now announced this option will be turned on by default.

Google has also simplified Incognito mode for Chrome, enabling mobile users to switch to Incognito mode with a long-press image of their profile. This feature launches on iOS on June 24 and is coming to Android and other platforms soon.

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