Apple Alerts Users That MacBook Camera Cover Can Show Damage

Apple has warned users in a recent support document that they should not be using camera covers on their MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

According to the information posted earlier this month on Apple Support, “the clearance between the display and the keyboard is designed for very tight tolerances,” and thus using a camera cover can cause a crack on the display screen.

Many have used camera coverings with sliding mechanisms to avoid invasion of privacy, to ensure extra hacker security. These camera covers, however, could be harmful to your MacBook, and could even end up damaging your computer.

The use of an aftermarket camera cover may also interfere with the ambient light sensor on a laptop, thus preventing proper functioning of features such as automatic brightness and True Tone.

The other reason for the damage might occur, Apple notes, is that when the notebook is closed the construction of its slim MacBooks does not give much breathing space between the screen and the keyboard deck.

Apple does understand that certain people have no say in this matter and will allow their employer to use a camera cover. In those cases the company says that the cover should always be removed before the laptop is closed.

If your work environment requires a camera cover, or you just insist on it, Apple urges you to make sure it’s no thicker than an average piece of printer paper. You might also want to avoid a cover which leaves behind an adhesive residue.

Apple says users should be able to see when their webcam is working as there’s a little green light next door. In later versions of the macOS operating system , users must give permission to each device before using the webcam.

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