Alibaba To Build AIoT Innovation Center

Aliyun IoT and Tmall Genie jointly announced plans to establish an AIoT innovation center, which will integrate Alibaba’s technical abilities to fully enable the AIoT industry.

Alibaba Group’s vice president Ku Wei will be head of the AIoT innovation center.

According to Alibaba, the innovation center will have three innovation labs and one quality control center; meanwhile, it will launch city and industry experimental base planning. It is said that Hangzhou will become the first demonstration pilot city.

Prior to this, Tmall Genie announced plans to invest CNY10 billion in 2020 to build an AIoT and content ecology. Ku said that the innovation center will help medium and small home appliances makers realize intelligent upgrade at lower costs. It will become an accelerator for the entire industry and implement product R&D and technology exploration targeting future 5G and AIoT.

In addition, the innovation center will establish in-depth cooperation with Alibaba DAMO Academy. DAMO Academy will provide technical support and experimental technology development related to AI voice, visual computing, 5G, and Internet of Things to explore the wide application scenarios of AIoT technology.

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