A Closer Look at The Timex T80 X PAC-MAN Watch

Timex T80 X PAC-MAN Watch

Remember the Eighties when everywhere you went there was a Pac-Man arcade game? I was a Kindergartner in 1984 so I remember Pac-Man games, Pac-Man tee shirts, Pac-Man lunchboxes and of course a Pac-Man Saturday morning cartoon. Well, Pac-Man plus his enemies Inkie, Pinkie, Blinkie and Clyde are back. Timex is on a retro kick and has made a watch featuring Pac-Man following a trail of Power Pellets around the frame of the face while the ghosts lurk about. Lace up your Reeboks and get your quarters ready. Here are 10 Things You Didn’t Know about The Timex T80 X PAC-MAN Watch.

1. Pac-Man is on Both Sides

The first thing you’ll notice about this watch is that Pac-Man and his ghostly antagonists are trailing around the perimeter of the watch face. Flip it over, look on the back of the case and you’ll see an engraving featuring Pac-Man chasing two worried looking ghosts with two pairs of disembodied eyes in his wake. The stainless steel clasp also features a molding of Pac-Man about to chomp a worried ghost.

2. The Occasion is the 40th Anniversary of the Pac-Man Game

Namco first introduced Pac-Man to Japan in June of 1980 (North America would see it in October) and it soon became one of the highest grossing video game franchises in history. The purpose of this maze game is to eat as many Power Pellets as you can while avoiding the ghosts. If the ghosts turn blue, then it’s safe for Pac-Man to chase after and eat the ghosts himself. It was a deceptively simple game that led to the phenomenon known as Pac-Mania or Pac-Man Fever.

3. It Plays the Pac-Man Melody

Domo arigato, Toshio Kai, for one of the catchiest tunes in video game history. Press the top button on the right of the face and you’ll hear the Pac-Man theme. It’s a simple little dink-a dink-a dink-dink tune, but it’s cute and a lot of fun, just like Pac-Man.

4. It Comes In Three Different Colors

It is made of stainless steel but tinted so that it comes in black, silver or gold color. It also comes with Pac-Man themed packaging. It’s a sliding box featuring the Pac-Man maze and pellets on a black background and a pixilated Pac-Man on the clear lid. This is a must for the serious Pac-Man collector.

5. It is Water Resistant

Want to use a stopwatch feature to time your swimming? This watch has you covered. Did your Miami Vice cosplay turn into a LARP that ended with you falling in the water? This watch has you covered. If someone told Phil Collins you were drowning Phil Collins may not lend a hand, but at least your watch will still be working. It is water resistant up to fifty meters.

6. It’s a Little Rounder Than Your Usual Timex

The thirty-four millimeter face of this watch is somewhat squarish but with rounded corners. It’s a semi-integrated lug shape with a somewhat rounded edge. It makes the whole design feel a little less harsh than the typical Timex. This is very appropriate for something nostalgic trying to revive a more innocent time of game playing. It still has that classic polish peculiar to Timex.

7. The Price is Not Bad for a Limeted Edition

No word yet on how many of these will be made, but as it’s to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Pac-Man it can be assumed manufacture of this design will end before this year. In the US it should retail for around $79. In a world where people lay down three or even four figures for a designer watch this is quite reasonable.

8. The Pac-Man Imagery Isn’t the Only Thing That’s Nostalgic

The T80 model was introduced in the 80’s, a digital readout of black seven segmented numbers on a gray background. The Idiglo illumination feature was also a new thing in the 80’s. This way, you could tell what time it was even in the dark. With cell phones that doesn’t sound like a big deal now but it was then. Will things ever be the same again? Maybe, maybe not, but you can keep the final countdown on this watch with so many light years to go.

9. Pac-Man is No Stranger to the Watch

Pac-Man came onto the scene just as portable, miniature games were becoming popular. In 1982, Nelsonic released a watch with a tiny joystick so the wearer could play Pac-Man on a wristwatch.  A half million of these watches sold at between $25 and $35. Of course, that’s 1980’s money. Today that would be close to $67 or $93.

10. It Is Available on Timex’s Official Website

And they are proud of it! As soon as you get to their title page, the first thing you see is an animated banner depicting Pac-Man being chased by the four ghosts. Ready? Of course we’re ready! If you go anywhere else, you stand a chance of being ripped off by being charged way too much or getting a counterfeit. If this is your first time buying from Timex’s web site you may be eligible for a fifteen percent discount.

The watch was once a necessity for any gentleman’s wardrobe. Delicate watches were made for the lady’s wardrobe. Watches with licensed characters (Mickey Mouse likely being the most famous) pandered to children who wanted to be like adults without quite leaving all their favorite playthings behind. Now, the watch is regarded less of a necessity than a piece of jewelry. The cell phone has since replaced the watch as favored time keeper. If it has to be jewelry, at least make it some desirable jewelry. Many watch makers of today use designs that promote something related to time. In this case, 80’s nostalgia. Timex’s motto is “Takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.” With Pac-Man on board there’s no “Game Over” in sight.

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