A Closer Look at The Air Jordan 1 Low “Varsity Red”

Air Jordan Varsity Red

Nike announced the pending release of the Air Jordan 1 Low in a “Varsity Red” colorway. This has created a stir of excitement in sneaker enthusiasts who are fond of brightly colored kicks. The sibling of this shoe was released in February of this year as the Air Jordan 1 Hi85. If you were a fan then you won’t want to miss out on the summer edition of that very model. If you haven’t had the chance to check them out yet, here are 10 things you didn’t know about the Air Jordan 1 Low Varsity Red that will get your blood pumping.

1. The Air Jordan 1 Low Varsity Red is a summer edition

The new Air Jordan 1 Low is a sibling of the Air Jordan 1 Hi85 that was released back in February. This is a seasonal adjustment that lowers the height of the shoe to allow for ample cooling around the feet from the heat of summer months. When you compare the two you will find the similarities quickly. This is a matching sneaker in a low top version.

2. It’s bright yet sophisticated

The designer of the “Varsity Red” colorway got the theme perfectly balanced. The upper is made mostly of black material and Varsity Red overlays complete the look. The mostly red shoe offers a sophisticated vibe, and the black accents give it a splash of dampening to all of the red colorings that prevents any notion of boring in its personality. This is a smart-looking sneaker that doubles as a lifestyle shoe for achieving a streetwear look, but it’s also powerful when used on the basketball court for summertime play.

3. It’s made with high-quality materials

The upper of the Air Jordan 1 Low is crafted of premium leather material. The accents are also leather. Nike chose to use nylon in the construction of the tongue because it is lighter and is a more breathable fabric.

4. This sneaker is well-ventilated

We alluded to the fact that this is a well-ventilated sneaker when we talked about the nylon tongue. This is just one of the measures that Nike took to ensure the comfort and breathability of the design for this basketball shoe. In addition to the fact that the tops are low and allow plenty of air to circulate around the ankle area, there are also vents. These are round holes placed on the upper so they sit atop the top arch of the foot to let in plenty of fresh air for circulation. Your feet won’t overheat or perspire thanks to this breathable design that keeps them cool and dry.

5. The Jumpman is included

Nike also made sure that the indicator of court worthiness known as the Jumpman was also included on this signature sneaker. He is displayed in red stitching against the black nylon fabric at the top of the tongue. We only see him displayed in one area on the AJ 12 Low, but it’s a strong presence.

6. It has a special insignia

The Air Jordan logo is presented in a fancy design. It is stitched in black on the back of the heel, covering a major portion of the area. The Black Wings Logo with Air Jordan indicated in the center of the design is a very nice touch that gives it a definite air of luxury. This is a sneaker that is designed for summertime fun but it also makes a fashion statement to the casual observer who admires these handsome kicks.

7. Europe is ahead of the US on the release date

A day before the first release of the Air Jordan 12 Low “Varsity Red,” the announcement was made that the shoe would drop overseas. It made its appearance with Asian retailers on July 1, 2020. Loyal fans of the Air Jordan 1 Low are waiting in anxious anticipation of the drop date for the United States.

8. The Air Jordan 1 Low is supportive

This shoe is designed to provide the optimal amount of foot support for a low top sneaker. It is contoured around the sides of the shoe to work with the midsole in providing support for the sides of the feet and the arches. It laces us to offer a customized and adjustable level of snugness. This gives you more control over the movement of your feet while keeping the shoe hugged close but not tight. The counter built into the heel is firm yet there is just enough padding for snug comfort to prevent the foot from sliding back and forth inside the shoe.

9. It’s built for comfort

The Air Jordan 1 Low Varsity Red is designed for the ultimate in comfort. Nike has it figured out and they apply soft cushiony padding where it is needed the most. We see evidence of this at the ankle and in the tongue to help shield the top of the foot from rubbing or discomfort. The footbed is also crafted with a springy cushion that guarantees a return of energy that puts a spring in your step and enhances power moves and jumps. It’s not a coincidence that the Jumpman is placed on the sneaker to remind you that it is very much a basketball shoe.

10. Traction is superb

When you look at the sole of the shoe you see its unique tread pattern. This is engineered to guarantee the best possible traction for a basketball court environment. The rubber sole is just grippy enough to hold your feet firmly to the floor when that is your intention, but it won’t hang up when it’s time to move. The circular pattern that is placed at the ball of the foot is intentionally built in to allow the shoe to pivot gracefully during rotational movements. This makes it easy to do a spin or to turn on a dime. The feature is also useful when you’re walking on wet sidewalks after a light rain.

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